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WP Crypto Cash Review – WP Software Gives You Crypto Coins


NEW WordPress Plugin Grants You Instant Entry To This Exciting MULTIBILLION Dollar Crypto World!



What Is WP Crypto Cash?


WP Crypto Cash Overview

Product name:WP Crypto Cash
Vendor: Cindy Donovan
SALE PRICE: $19.97
Launch date: 01/10/2018
Sales Funnel: The product is part of a sales funnel which includes up to 1 other products.





How WP Crypto Cash works?

This plugin only works while the visitor is on your page, so you’ll see better results if you have a high traffic website and/or websites that give people a reason to stay for a long time. The reward system will encourage some people to stay for longer, but you can also use some other strategies like having engaging videos, content, activities etc on your pages to keep people visiting for longer.

Low/No traffic websites can still earn a few cents a day – but the real profits will be seen when you have a lot of people who stay on your site for a long time.



Check out WP Crypto Cash DEMO VIDEO below!




WP Crypto Cash also comes with these exciting features:


Easy To Set Up & Highly Customisable

I know you’re probably just itching to get your hands on some of that sweet crypto cash, so we’ve made it really easy for you to get started. You can upload and activate this plugin – and be ready to go fast.

We’ve got two (really) short videos that show you how to create an account you’ll need to collect the coins and use the various features of the plugin – there’s no huge crypto learning curve, you can be earning cash really fast.

And while we’ve made it easy to use, we’ve added a lot of features for you to control every part of this plugin.

Plugin Display Settings

Customise how your attention bar looks and what it says, and the popup box as well.

Prize Settings

Choose how often to reward, how many prizes to give and when to give them!

Prebuilt Prizes Or Create Your Own With Our WYSIWYG Editor

Prizes are automatically delivered via email when your website visitor reaches the targets set by you.

Connect Your Autoresponder

Visitors are asked to add their email in to claim prizes before they start mining for you, you can have them automatically added to your AR

Easy Miner Setup

Click a link, sign up (free) – then click another link and get your keys. That’s it!

Miner Settings

Choose how much of your website visitors computer power you use, keep it under 10% (recommended) and they’ll never notice the difference – or crank it up to 100% and earn more coins faster

Mobile Detection

As this plugin will be using some of the devices power supply, it’s recommended that this is turned off – but you have full control over all of settings in your admin dashboard.



Pros and Cons if using WP Crypto Cash:

Even this plugin can be powerful to get passive income online from a blog, but to be a millionaire and if you think this will be your retirement nest egg (and you’re planning to retire next year… lol) then you’re out of luck. Mining is a slow process. Some days you’ll earn more than others and the value of the coin will be worth more too.


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Who should buy WP Crypto Cash?

If you want easy to use WordPress plugin and automatically earn valuable crypto coins 100% legal and ethical, no risk need to invest your own money in crypto with 30 day, money back guarantee.


Then this is for you.



Who should not buy WP Crypto Cash?

If you don’t use WordPress and not interested with make easy income with crypto coins.


Then this not for you.



Should I buy WP Crypto Cash?

If you want the easiest and most risk free way to earn real crypto currency with zero investment (other than the low software cost) completely automated!


Then you should buy this.



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